Works on Nazrul:

There has not been much works done on Nazrul in any language other than Bangla. Even the works on him in English language is not very significant. No wonder Nazrul remains virtually unknown outside Bangla language.

A good deal of works have been done on him in Bangla. At last a comprehensive source on Nazrul related works has been published. Those who have research interest in Nazrul would find the following book indispensable:

Bangladeshe Nazrul Chorcha: Nazrul Bishoyok Rochonashuchi by Amirul Momenin (Dhaka: Bangla Academy, 1999]

A partial list of works in English is provided below.



    Annual Nazrul Endowment Lecture

    Nazrul-related Performance and Seminar: Audio-Video

    VOA's Hello Washington Program on Nazrul [May 2007]

    Poems: Dedications

    Research by Nazrul Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh (

    Criticism/Parody: Poem - Niyontrito (Restrained) by Golam Mostafa