Rise Up, Women - Rise Up Like the Flaming Fire

(Jago Nari Jago Banhishikha)


Original: Kazi Nazrul Islam
Translation: Sajed Kamal

                                    Rise up Womenórise up like the flaming fire!

                                    Rise up, O wife of the Sun-god,

                                                with the mark of blood* on your forehead!!


                                    Dangling your tongues all around

                                    dance on, you mad, naked women!

                                    Rise up, you wretched, raped serpents,

                                    awaken your power to burn the world!!


                                    Like the fire blazing out of a smoke heap,

                                    rise upóall you mothers, daughters, wives, sisters!


                                    Redeemers of the sinners, the fallenó

                                    like the flowing Gangesórise up, all you downtrodden;

                                    fill the clouds with blazing thunder, O Womenóthe ever-victoriousó

                                    awaken in you the goddess Durga! 

            *Alluding to the goddess Kali, see Glossary.