Sajed Kamal

About the Translator


Sajed Kamal, born in, Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, lived in East Pakistan (later Bangladesh) until coming to The Loomis School in Connecticut in 1963.  He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and education, respectively, from Northeastern University and his doctorate in humanistic studies from Boston University.  A poet, artist, translator, educator, psychotherapist, solar energy expert and professor at Brandeis University, he has taught a wide range of subjects at all levels between nursery school and university as well as lectured internationally on a wide range of topics.  His poetry, in English and Bengali originals, and his translations have been published both in the United States and abroad, and his paintings, sculptures and photographs have been exhibited in many individual and group shows.  In addition to his articles in various areas, he is also the author of People City: After the Snow Storm, a chapbook of poetry and photographs; Peaceworks, on art on peace by New England artists; Photovoltaics: A Global Revolution and Its Scope for Bangladesh, a booklet; Polimateer Goon (Virtues of Alluvial Soil), poems in Bengali; and Chharai Bhara Bashundhara (A World Full of Rhymes), poems in Bengali with drawings.  In addition to Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Works, his other works of translation include Mother of Pearls, selected poems of Sufia Kamal (as the editor and one of the translators); and Why Mustnít I Flare Up?, poetry of Kabita Chakma.  He lives in Boston with his wife, Rosie.  They have a son, Ashok, who works with a youth development organization in New York City, and a cat, Tiger.