The complete collection of works by Nazrul's in print is Nazrul Rochonaboli (new edition, 1996), available in four volumes, and published by Bangla Academy, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh. This collection is indispensable to anyone truly interested in his works.

This website includes translation of select works of Nazrul. Among the notable translators are Kabir Chowdhury, Sajed Kamal, Syed Sajjad Hussain, Rezaul K. Talukdar, William Radice, et al

I have translated a few pieces as well. I request that readers treat my pieces as drafts as I did most of them in one attempt, and as I have not revisited them since.  Also, my compositional mastery, especially of literary English, is limited. Readers should factor that in as well, when reading my pieces.  Any suggestion is most welcome.

This page contains links to SAMPLE selections of Nazrul's:

POETRY (translations)
Novel - excerpts (translations)
Articles and Prose-excerpts (in Bangla; some translations)
SONGS (audio files)
HAMD/NAAT (audio files)
RECITATIONS (audio files)
SPEECH (audio files)

To view all the Bangla texts (not graphic images) at this website, you will need Onirban Bangla Font. For viewing those files, you can download Onirban Bangla Font from here. Install the font to your Fonts folder.

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    List of works (Bangla; English)  


    Articles/Speeches/Excerpts/Letters     Selected Translations by Kabir Chowdhury
    Novels (one complete and the rest excerpts)     Selected Translations by Syed Sajjad Hussain
    Poetry and Lyrics (translated into English)     Selected Translations by Sajed Kamal
    Poetry & Lyric Selections in Bangla     Selected Translations by William Radice
    Nazrul's translation of Selected Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam   Selected Translations by Zakeria Shirazi
    Nazrul's translation of Selected Rubaiyat of Hafiz     Selected Translations by Rezaul K. Talukdar
    Nazrul's translation of Selected Works of Rumi    
    Nazrul's Partial List of Songs (Ragas)  


        Selected Translations by Mohammad Omar Farooq
    Nazrul Audio Collection: Songs, Poetry, Hamd/Naat, Shayma songs and Speech.