[Draft: The translation needs further modification. Please remember, I have simply tried to convey only the plain meaning of his article, decorated with words that I could not translate. Therefore, some unintended inaccuracy is quite possible. There have been some repetitive expressions in such superlatives that, being unable to translate, I had skipped some of those. Reading the original would be a worthy venture, if you have access.]

My League-Congress

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Translated by: Mohammad Omar Farooq

[This was written by Nazrul in Daily Nobojug in 1941, even after his speech "Submission in the Path of Allah", and less than a year before illness silenced him. Toward the later part of his active literary life, Nazrul deeply turned toward mysticism rooted in Islam. His writings and messages during this period reflect that as in the case of this one. His mysticism, however, did not detract him completely from the contemporary socio-political reality. Nazrul did not see the later changes in his life as a reversal of his earlier orientation, but merely an evolution into this new stage.]

Some of my fellow believers or their publications are propagating: "I am prejudiced against Muslim League." Harboring prejudice is against my religion. My Allah is Ever-Perfect, ... Most-Loving, above any divisiveness (Obhed). To harbor prejudice against any religion, nation, or person is not in my religion, in my works or in my heart. I don't recognize the judgment of human beings, nor am I afraid of it. I accept only the Ultimate Judge Allah and His judgment. Yet, those who are reviling me due to ignorance or prejudice, for them and for my dear Muslim people I am stating my straight-forward position.

I have joined "Nobojug" (new age) to bring Nobojug, not just in India, but in the whole world. It's not my arrogance; it's my wish, dream and pursuit. To restore this ugly world, which is full of hatred and conflict as well as cruel and unforgiving, to its beauty on the foundation of peace, I have undertaken my work as a servant of Allah. The religion of Islam to establish peace and justice in its full spectrum - that great message is conveyed in the Holy Qur'an. I have no lord except one Allah. To fulfill His command is my only motto as a human being (manob dhormo). If I have committed any "kufr" or sin in my past life, I will take my punishment from my Lord Allah. No human being has any right to give me His punishment. Allah has no partner; He is One and Only. Who is the second there to judge me? Therefore, I am not afraid of anyone's blaming or judgment. Allah is my Rabb, I am of the Ummah of the Rasool, al-Qur'an is my guide.

Beside this, I have no lord, no intercessor, no mentor (murshid). My Allah is al-Fadlil Azim - the Ultimate Giver. It is He who has disallowed me from any charity from my nation, from my people. The right (dokhkhin) hand I have raised to seek His mercy and blessing, I have never defiled that hand by seeking favor (dakhkhinno) from anybody else. Today it is He who, while holding his hand, is drawing this lost, blind, refuge-seeker toward Him. I have found complete forgiveness of the Ever-Forgiving; I have found the Right Path. I have found the right to be His servant. I have no more need, no more want, nothing more to seek.

My poetry is not from my power; this power is given by Allah; I am merely an instrument. Tunes play on the lute, but the One who plays it, all praises are due to Him. Those who are reading my poetry, they are witness: I have strived all my life to see Muslims united and organized and free themselves from backwardness, laziness, impotency, and lack of faith and confidence. With the head that never bowed before any emperor other than Allah, I have devoted whatever strength Allah has given me to speak, write, and practice in my life to deliver the message to the Muslims of Bengal so that they always keep their heads high. Even tolerating the accusation that I have compromised my literary art, I have recorded hundreds of Islamic songs to help three crores of illiterate Muslims keep their faith (Iman) intact. I have never sought from the society and people anything in return. It was my Allah's command, and I have merely tried to fulfill it. Also today, after prolonged, secret odyssey of my life, I have returned to the field of work only as His servant.

Let me ask today: Have I done any less than any worker or leader of the League, simply because I am not one of its member? I have currently joined "Nobojug" simply to see Muslim organized, to strengthen them, to prepare them to be martyr - Shahidi warriors. Muslims of Bengal constitute half of Bengal. However, this half is constrained by laziness and inertia. Without invigorating this half, Bengal would never be full. It is to assemble the disunited and fragmented Muslims under on sky-roof - in one Eid-field (Eidgah) - that I have been giving Azan all my life. Since joining "Nobojug", I have been speaking and writing the same thing. Before joining Nobojug the schism was going on among the Muslim leaders of Bengal, it is to remove that embarrassing jealousy and bickering I have taken up again my pen and sword - to endeavor as one fraternity with my loyal, fearless, indomitable, death-defiant, young warriors. I have not appeared to assist any individual. Allah knows and those who are familiar with me they know that I have not joined this battlefield of feud and bickering due to any temptation. Why the League only, I have never recognized the Congress either. My newspaper "Dhumketu" is proof of that. I have never written against Muslim League, but I have written against its leaders. Regardless of what movement they represent, if the leaders are not free from greed, arrogance, and fear, that movement, sooner or later, is bound to fail.

The slothful pace I have observed in case of the movement of League, I really have not felt in my heart any big hope.

I don't recognize League or Congress. I only know the Truth. I only accept universal fraternity, the emancipation of all. I might not mind if soldiers of one country go out to conquer another country, but I don't recognize the audacity of the cowards, the wrangling of the prisoners of the jail. To one pole is tied Ram-Chhagol (large bearded goat), and to another is tied castrated goat (Khodar Khashi) - neither could free itself from the rope, neither could get away from its pole, but they keep fighting each other. What a farce!

My contribution for Muslims is second to no leader. Many of the young Muslims today who have discovered the new vitality of life and are engaged in the works of well-being of this nation and country have received inspiration from the sack of this mendicant (bhikhkhuk).

This earth that has been created by Allah is now overflowing with ugliness, oppression, and hatred. Human being is Khalifa of Allah - representative, viceroy. Human being is Allah's noblest creation. Should they wish, human beings can surpass the angels, they can attain all the kingdoms - this is Allah's message. Every human being is a soldier of Allah. The birth of human being is to beautify this world by freeing it from all oppression and tumult. This is the message I will always continue to speak, write and sing about. Let the soil, water, fire, air, sky be again completely pure and thoroughly clean: this is my struggle. The creation of Allah would be fully aware and conscious (choitonnomoy): this is my desire. This world will be immersed in bliss, and enjoy complete peace - this is my faith. This faith is as firm as the faith in Allah. We have come here from the Paradise (Firdaus - the realm of bliss and joy). The one and only ruler of this world is Allah. Those who make claim of their own kingdom in this earth are devils (shaitan). By destroying those devils we will establish the kingdom of Allah. A Muslim who has no power/motivation to fight is not Muslim. He who is coward is not a Muslim. To get rid of this timidity, this vice and ignorance, and this cowardice is my League, my Congress.

[Source: Nazrul Rochonaboli, Vol. 4, 1996, pp. 70-72]