A crude translation in English follows after the original.

Hindu-Muslim Relationship!      

. . . The fact that India is colonized today and the march toward its independence still has not begun - what we see only is the drum of preparation and breaking of pots - is primarily because of our mutual hatred and prejudice between Hindus and Muslims. We, the Muslims, feel jealous about the progress of our neighbor Hindus, while the Hindus look down upon us due to our backwardness.

. . . The biggest tragedy of our national life today is that those who live the closes to us, we know them the least. Due to the grace of the English, we know all the languages from English, Greek, Latin, Hebrew to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chech, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, Honolulu, Greenwich - we also know their history and we make an effort to learn about their civilization, but we don't, nor do we care, to know about the neighbor's home that is adjacent to ours. Indeed, we even pride in our ignorance in this matter. May be this is an example, of "Penny wise, pound foolish".

. . . If you can, wherever possible, establish centers for translating and pursuing in mother tongue your literature, knowledge, science, history, civilization, etc. In absence of that, please stop your screaming about religion or Islam.

This is the way the disrespect of our "next door neighbor" toward us can be removed, which will facilitate the march toward our independence. The intoxicating communalism will also come to an end that day, when Hindus and Muslims can embrace each other with full respect. The competition that will ensue will be "cultured" minds' "chivalrous competition" - sportsmanlike competition.

[These excerpts are from Nazrul's address "The practice of Muslim Culture" in 1929 on the occasion of the founding of Chottogram Education Society. Source: Nazrul Rochonaboli, Vol. 4, pp. 101-106, 1996]

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