A Biographical Sketch [Rafiqul Islam]
        Chronology of his life: I [Sajed Kamal]
        Chronology: II [Islamic Foundation]

    Anecdotes from his life
            About his exceptional childhood life
            How was Nazrul as a student? 
                 How did he mourn his son's death?    
                 What did he choose in lieu of a "university"? Curious?
                 Read these excerpts.
            Was the brave, valiant, fearless Nazrul afraid of anything at all? Oh Yes!
            The marriage story: What happened?
            Letter to Nargis
            Who was his master-poet?
            The rejected blood
            Untouchability and meeting a great Brahmin heart!
            What was Nazrul's biggest wish? Read this note.
            Among his last written words
            His likes and dislikes; His very last days!
            Stubborn Rebel's Will to his relatives


    His family
            Commemorating Pramila Nazrul
            The remarkable story of Kusha: Nazrul's life-long attendant (worth reading)

    Nazrul's Illness and Treatment [based on three leading biographies of Nazrul]
       Nazrul's and His Long Illiness [A. S. M. Haque, M.D. Internal Medicine]

    Kazi Nazrul Islam: Vidi, Vini, Vici [Kalyani Kazi]

            Some of his writings reflecting his personal struggle and other aspects of his life
                        Three letters indicating his life of poverty
                        A letter indicating deep hurt he felt from Muslims
                        An article: Nazrul's open letter to Kobi-guru Rabi Thakur