The following are some of the statements I have culled from various writings of Nazrul that to me are among his visionary statements. The English translations are mine, except the first one, and these should be treated as my initial draft. After going over this section, if you think you have some contents that I should consider to add to this collection, please let me know at .

     Struggle against injustice/oppression
     Homage to men AND WOMEN!
     The creed of "Ahad" or "Tawheed"
     Let Allah, truth, justice, equality and peace be victorious!
     Let the earth be heavenly with our love.
     Let the divine love make us - all the human beings - better.
     Let us be all free and liberated!
     Let the right of the deprived be restored.
     Let the Call continue forever!
     Let the oppressed be victorious!
     Let our desires find fulfillment in divine love.
     Let the divine books be freed from the exploiters!
     Let us heed to the divine tune of unity.
     Let us die once and live!
     Let the educated and endowed ones do their share!
     The spirit of love is the true love for religion.
     Let us try to overcome our imperfections!