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Activated on May 24, 2004 (Nazrul's 106th birth anniversary)

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This is a moderated discussion forum dedicated to the wonderful life and works of Kazi Nazrul Islam, popularly known as the Rebel Poet. Even though he is the national poet of Bangladesh, he is probably also a true world poet.

This discussion group is coordinated by the website, Kazi Nazrul Islam Page. Through networking of the Nazrul enthusiasts around the world, this forum will pursue the following objectives:

  1. To create greater awareness about the life and contributions of Nazrul;
  2. To help introduce Nazrul and his works outside Bangla language;
  3. To make as much of Nazrul's works available online for the new generation of people of Bangla-speaking origin;
  4. To engage the interest of Nazrul lovers to translate more of his works in other languages;
  5. To share information about various Nazrul related events; and
  6. To coordinate additional enrichment and expansion of Kazi Nazrul Islam Page as a unique online depository of information resources related to Nazrul.

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Moderation of the forum

In the long run, the forum is expected to be managed by a moderation team. However, until then, it is to be managed and moderated by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq. All communications pertinent to this forum should be directed to: or

Posting Guidelines

        1. To be posted, articles must meet the forum's policy guidelines. Rejected submissions may include the following: 

  1. Any article or posting that does not serve the purpose of Kazi Nazrul Islam Page's mission and objectives.
  2. No abusive article or words will be permitted. The abuse may be any one or combination of the following:
    1. Messages containing word that is generally accepted or known to be abusive, or. any message containing personal attacks or derogatory comments about individuals.
    2. Messages that tend to question an individual's character, identity, background etc. without a convincing reason or factual corroboration.
    3. Messages containing racial prejudice or attack toward a community or an ethnic group.
    4. Messages containing hatred against any ethnic, religious, political, social groups
  1. Any message considered too long for the readers to be able to digest in one go (Note: To enhance and maintain readability factor of the articles posted in the forum, this forum advises its subscribers not to exceed the maximum limit of 2000 (3-4 pages of normal text with size 11-12 fonts).  While the forum intends to follow these rules strictly, it would, however, give due consideration to the conceptual buildup of logic of the message.  Should a particular subject or topic require exceptional treatment to keep the quality or completeness of the article intact, exceptions may be made.)
  2. Any forwarded message without any meaningful header comment from the sender.
  3. Messages that have no or unsuitable formatting, which will be sent back for reformatting with necessary suggestions.
  4. Messages without a subject header
  5. Messages from authors who do not sign off their messages with their  name or use anonymous or pseudonyms. Pennames might be allowed, only if the author's actual identity is known, but the author signs off with a penname or uses penname as an email ID. This forum also does not accommodate our subscribers' forwarded material that are from anonymous or pseudo-name sources. Each contributor must introduce himself/herself with their first message.
  6. Messages that do not meet the quality criteria, including the ones that are too poorly written or requires extensive editing.
  7. Repeated messages having similar concepts by the same writer
  8. Messages containing religious statements from scriptures (such as Vedas, Qur'an/Hadith, Tripitak, etc.) without full reference.
  9. Messages that contain attachments. Generally, articles should be sent as body text. Yahoogroup does not archive attachments any longer.
  10. Messages that contain advertisement unless it is clear that the advertisement will particularly benefit the Bangladeshi/Bangali community or for humanitarian cause within the scope of this site and the forum's objectives.
  11. Any other item that is not included here but is subsequently considered relevant in keeping with the objectives of the site/forum.
  12. Messages posted in other forums that are not of announcement nature.
  13. Messages with any vulgar or obscene words. Use of such word(s) in an appropriate context may be permitted. It is the responsibility of the writers to avoid any commonly used vulgar words. Repeated violation of this policy, where use of vulgar words may have escaped the attention of the moderation process, may provoke restriction of subscriber's posting privilege.
  1. The forum will be run impartially irrespective of any kind of bias toward any ideology or view.

  2. Subscribers are cautioned not to initiate any personal hate or threatening mails to other subscribers or, any mail that might be commonly expected to be unwelcomed by other subscribers, based on the writings he/she had initiated in the forum.

  3. Subscribers are encouraged to share any opinion or suggestions regarding the postings by writing directly to moderator. Please direct your comments to

  4. All messages, unless rejected for the above-mentioned reasons, will be distributed. However, the number of messages per day would be limited to maintain the quality of the forum. The approval process may take 2-3 days. In case of news-related postings on the same subject, the first submissions would be given preference.

  5. Forum members are welcome to share their comments, criticisms candidly with the moderator for the sake of improving this forum.

Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet
Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet
Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet
Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet
Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet
Nazrul e-forum Discussions Kazi Nazrul Islam Rebel Poet