There are many whose selfless help, encouragement and guidance have made this website possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. The list is incomplete and it is only periodically updated.




Arif Ahmed

He has been instrumental in introducing this site through the Bangladeshi media. His review of this site was the very first one and further reviews based on his communication appeared in Daily Prothom Alo, Daily Star, and Daily Inqilab.

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Muhammad Shams-ul-Arifin

Mr. Arifin was born on 25th March of 1971, a historic day for Bangladesh. He completed his Bachelors (Hons.) and Masters in Physics at Dhaka University by 1997. He joined Sonali Bank in 1999. He now works in the IT department of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd., a private sector bank. He admires Nazrul and is an avid patron, who is helping redesign this site. He enjoys reading and listening to music. He was married in December of 2003. His father, Mr. Sk. Nurul Islam has written extensively on Nazrul. Some of his works are archived at this site. During his childhood Mr. Arifin visited Nazrul.

Kazi M. Belal & 
Dr. Gulshan Ara Kazi
Mr. Kazi M. Belal is the Director of Asian Business Development at The Rogovin Group, a market/management consulting firm. Dr Gulshan Ara Kazi is the Group Leader, Cancer Drug Development, CuraGen Corporation, Branford, CT.

Mr. Belal and Dr. Gulshan Ara (Connecticut, USA) have been instrumental in Nazrul-related initiatives in North America. In 2002, under the leadership of Dr. Ara & Mr. Belal, the 8th North America Nazrul Conference (NANC) was held in Los Angeles, California. This significant conference was organized and hosted by the Taranga of California in collaborations with the California State, University, Northridge (CSUN), the South Asia Club of CSUN, the East Asia Club of UCLA, Simi Valley Cultural Art Center and the California Council for the Humanities.
Along with others, their pivotal role led to the establishment of a Nazrul Endowment Fund at CSUN. They also led the initiative behind the 2006 Nazrul Symposium held at the University of Connecticut (UCONN), in conjunction with the Asian American Studies Institute & the Asian American Cultural Center of UCONN. The Symposium was jointly hosted by the University of Connecticut and the members of the Bangladeshi community  of greater Hartford. 

Both of them are avid patrons of the Nazrul site and the networking of the website with them has led to a number of significant things in better introducing Nazrul to the world.

Udayan Chattopadhyay

Udayan Chattopadhyay is a patron of this site. In addition to many suggestions and other material for this website he has shared a picture album based on his visit to Churulia (Burdawan, India), where Nazrul was born.

Mr Chattopadhyay was born and raised in England. His family is originally from West Bengal, India. He majored in economics at Cambridge University.  Later at the University of Pennsylvania he earned his MBA.  He now works in New Jersey, in business development at a medical devices company. His maternal grandfather was a close personal friend of Kazi Nazrul Islam who, in the 1930s, collaborated with the poet on several political and cultural movements that helped shape India's independence in 1947.

Subrata Kumar Das

He was born at Kamarkhali in the district of Faridpur in Bangladesh in 1964. He took his postgraduation degree from Rajshahi University in 1990. He started writing since the year 1992. His fields of interest are critiquing literature and analyzing education system. His books are: 'Nazruler 'Bandhonhara'' (2000), 'Bangla Kathasahitya: Jadubastabata Ebong Onayanyo' (2002), and ‘Nazrul Bishoyok Doshti Probondho’ (2004). His 'Kazi Nazrul Islam:Selected Prose’ (translation) is going to be published soon. He is now working on: 'A Glimpse at the Novels of Bangladesh'; 'Prosongo: Engregi Shiksha'; 'Sabitry Ray: Jibon O Sahitya'; and Bangladesher Koyekjon Ouponyashik'. He is a lecturer at Bangladesh Rifles College, Peelkhana, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. His web site received enormous appraisal from the lovers of Bangladeshi literature. E-mail: He has been an enthusiastic patron of Nazrul site and has contributed several articles to its collection.

Asif Iqbal (Shampan)

Mr. Iqbal is an IT Consultant and currently, CEO, Appositech. He is also the Director of 'Bandhan' (Bridging Fine Arts of SAARC countries). Formerly, he was talk-back radio host with NorthFM, Hornsby NSW, Australia (1998-2001). He is an alumni of St. Joseph High, Notredame College, City College Dhaka, UTS Sydney, Burwood Business College Sydney.He has helped with the collection of Nazrul songs by Fatematuzzohra. See the Nazrul Audio Collection.

Dr. Rafiqul Islam

Prof. Islam is an eminent Nazrul researcher. He was a professor of Bangla and a Nazrul Professor at University of Dhaka, before becoming the Pro-VC of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). He has published numerous books.  Among the notable positions he has held are: Director General, Bangla Academy, and Chairman, Nazrul Institute Trustee Board. He is also a recipient of the Ekusher Padak.

Prof. Islam is a respected patron of Kazi Nazrul Islam Page.  He is helping facilitate better networking with Nazrul researchers and artists, to promote the poet before a global audience. During my visit to Bangladesh in August of 2005, he organized a key meeting of the researchers, artists, and enthusiasts at ULAB, where I had the opportunity to introduce this project of bringing Nazrul's works to the cyberspace. 

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Syed M. Islam Syed M. Islam is a real-estate/stock investor and a freelance writer.  He is co-author of the new book: "Beyond Jihad: Critical Voices from the Inside," edited by Dr. Kim Shienbaum and published by Academica Press.  He came to the USA on scholarship, after placing first on both SSC and HSC Exams from Dhaka Board, Bangladesh.  He worked in corporate America for fourteen years in managerial positions in Finance, before retiring to invest full-time.

He has helped edit the translations of several works by Nazrul and also been very supportive of the Nazrul site in many ways. He has also been instrumental in updating the Nazrul Audio Collection, especially converting various audio files to MP3 formats.

Dr. Sajed Kamal

Born in West Bengal, India, Dr. Kamal also lived in East Bengal (later Bangladesh) until coming to USA in 1963. He received doctorate in humanistic studies from Boston University. He is a poet, artist, translator, educator, psychotherapist and solar energy expert. His poetry, in English and Bengali originals, and his translations have been published both in USA and abroad. His paintings, sculptures and photographs have been exhibited in numerous shows. Among his works is a book Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Works. He granted permission to include a few of his translations of Nazrul's work in this site. He has also facilitated it by sending the electronic files of those selections. His book on Nazrul has been important in introducing Nazrul to the broader world, beyond Bangla language. Go to his selections available at this website.

Farida Majid

The granddaughter of Poet Golam Mostafa, a contemporary of Nazrul, gave her permission to add her translations of some of the Nazrul songs as well as some of her brief comments on Nazrul to this website.


Kalyan Majumdar

In May of 1964 Kalyan Majumdar visited Nazrul at his CIT Road Apartment in Calcutta.  Due to illness the poet wasn't speaking clearly.  Mr. Majumdar's mother was a fan of Nazrul.  She helped him memorize some Nazrul poems soon after he started to speak. Nazrul is like a family member to him.  He enjoys reciting Nazrul poems. In fact, he has recited from memory the extended poem "Bidrohi" at many social/cultural meets.  He also takes interest in music and plays several musical instruments. His short stories have been published in Nabokallol, a well-known magazine from Calcutta.  He was born and raised in India although his parents came from Noakhali, Bangladesh.  He has lived in the US for 20+ yrs and now is a citizen. Mr Majumdar is a commodity trader.

He graciously and patiently helped to further expand and update the Nazrul Audio Collection.

Shah Mumin

Mr. Shah Mumin, a man with panoramic interests, has a website that contains Bangla poetry, recitation, and songs, including several of Kazi Nazrul Islam, among many other interesting topics.  He graciously granted permission to mine relevant material from his website, for addition to this one.  Several audio files of songs and recitations, as well as pictures and translations of Nazrul's poems by others came from his site.


Md. Manzur Murshed

He is an assistant professor of MIS at Upper Iowa University. He is a consultant for this site and has made valuable contribution to this site's development and enhancement.

Fazle Rabbi

Mr. Rabbi is a freelance writer, editor and organizer of non-govt. public libraries. He has 35 years of experience in book publication, printing, and promotion in Bangladesh. He held key government positions before retirement. Currently he is active with several non-government organizations helping with book and library development. He has been the President of Editing and Publishing Association of Bangladesh; from 1979 till retirement in 1992 he was also Director of Bangladesh National Book Centre (National Book Development Council).  His publications include Chapakhanar Itikatha (History of Printing), Bangla Academy, Dhaka. 1977. He is an ardent patron who has contributed some works to this site


Dr. M. Sayeeduzzaman

As  the owner of an award-winning web-related service (Globalfront), he graciously offered to host this website for the first year. He has also shared many insight to a novice like me to pursue my interest in developing this website. Recently, he completed his PhD and currently continues at the University of Iowa as a post-doctoral fellow. 

    General: I deeply appreciate the feedback---corrections and/or suggestions, from visitors to the website.

    Some of the material, including a few audio files, are linked to other copyrighted sights. They have many additional excellent contents to enjoy or benefit from related to Nazrul, Bangla literature, or Bangladesh.